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28 November 2011 @ 11:10 pm
19 | still alive?  
I haven't been posting here for almost 6 month and I even don't have anything special to show you. It's kinda I'm trying to return to LJ again. So I started updating my journal :DD *Just in Russian for now. Sorry* And I think the_sunlight should be one more thing I need to reanimate.
In fact I don't make many icons, banners and other staff anymore. Just when I need it. XD Seems I use Photoshop just for editing my photos.
So the answer is "Should I reanimate the_sunlight?" Everything I can offer you is just some graphics from time to time, psd, music suggestions, my photos may be*but it's quite bad idea. My photos suck, I guess XDD*

Anyway, lets make this post a kind of "requests post". :D Leave your comment with any suggestions/requests. You can leave fandoms or pics. Anything :D

Current Music: Paper Tongues - Ride To California